Welcome All
as we stand together on the threshold of
A Beautiful Opening.


The 5d Village

A Gathering Space To Share and Celebrate
The Emerging Higher Dimensional
Unfolding In Our Lives

  • On-Line Gatherings featuring Keynotes by pioneers of New Paradigm “Fifth Dimensional” Spirituality.

  • Group Meditations, Open Mic, Break Out Group Support Process

  • Regular online facilitated groups for sharing, inspiration and support.

  • Fostering a group field of consciousness that is fertile ground for welcoming the complex and rapidly emerging next phase of human evolution.

  • Central website for information, resources, articles, and more.


The 5d Village is a gathering place for people to share and celebrate what we understand to be our passage through the next phase of human spiritual evolution.  Since 2012, we have been on the verge of something extraordinary, where human consciousness and even the human form is stepping into a quantum higher dimensional paradigm or frequency.  We adhere to no one single path, and are so grateful to various spiritual models that have helped to frame the meaning and significance of this transition, such as Ascension, Spiritual Awakening, Reclaiming our Rainbow Light Body, Disclosure, Sophia Christ, Cosmic Cosmology, The Fifth Dimensional Transition and so much more. We welcome all who would like to step onto these streets and into town square of our higher spiritual potential to share your feelings, thoughts and stories about what it means to be participating in one of the greatest spiritual transitions in history.


Pioneers in the field of New Paradigm 5d Spirituality will present in a live setting to our host 5d Transitions Support group in Sebastopol, where you are invited to attend via Zoom Conferencing.

Speakers we have had so far include:

Laura Eisenhower (videos of her presentations to our 5d group HERE and HERE.

Gordon Davidson

Meg Benedicte

Vidya Frazier

There are many more who have presented and or who will be invited to present so stay tuned.


This 5d Village is built on a commitment to support and honor how each person is unfolding into higher dimensional consciousness in one’s own unique way. Regular online sharing and 5D Support Meetings are available for people to get to know each other and to express both the struggles and the breakthroughs on this journey towards Supernal Wholeness.   Each of us is trying to find our bearings with what it means to be a Body of Light that is caught in material carbon-based density.   Meeting together in community to learn and engage in dialogue is essential to helping us gain more traction in this process.

5d Village Host

Dan Morse



The 5d Village is an outgrowth of the Sebastopol 5d Transitions Support Community (see 5dTrans.org), that was formed and facilitated by Dan Craig Morse starting in 2012. We are a relatively small group of people who have been meeting at least once a month and where we have hosted a number of Featured Speakers such as Laura Eisenhower, Meg Benedicte, Gordan and Corinne Davidson, Susanna Redelfs, Vidya Frazier, and many others who have given us hope and inspiration and helped to reflect back to us the Light of our inner divine spark. Our group also helped to host an event last October where Kaia Ra presented a reading of her phenomenal new book, The Sophia Code. We also have been meeting regularly in circle to share our own stories, our struggles and our victories, where the promise of a New World is carried by the group field. It is this model that we seek to expand to include a wider circle, indeed a whole village of people who are all equally Children of the Divine.

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