Sophia and the Song of Songs

Sophia and the Bible’s Erotic Poem, Song of Songs

Stepping into this Mysterious Ancient Poem
to help us Connect With Divine Love
in these Transitional Times.

Presentation by Dan Craig-Morse, MA, MFT


Sunday, July 23

6:45 – Join Zoom Conference
7:00 – We Begin
8:15 – 9  Sharing, Group Sound Resonance
Dan Craig-Morse is a researcher-scholar of the depth wisdom traditions and has presented numerous times on themes of Sophia and the Gnostic Christ.  Dan will introduce a compelling thesis that the template of the Gnostic Creation Cosmology can provide insight into this complex poem that can help guide us through these interesting times. Dan seeks to help ground our current 5d transitional process within cross cultural esoteric traditions and is the founder and host of The 5d Village.
See HERE for information about this topic.
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