Teachers, Spiritual Leaders, Educators, Healers, Visionaries who we feel are helping to guide us into this higher dimensional field.

Kaia Ra

Laura Eisenhower

Gordan Davison

Meg Benedicte

Vidya Frazier

Susanna Redelfs

“We discovered that the essence or substance of being is ever present within the [Supernal Light] radiations. As we came to use them we could do many things of which we were not previously capable.  The very tones of the vibrations were capable of creating physical ease, calmness of approach, and serenity of mind.  We learned to attune ourselves to a delicate beauty of sound within the finer vibrations.  We learned also to make ourselves so receptive to the light waves as they came to us that we could mingle with them and become one with their radiations. Thus while we were attempting to record the results of our findings we became what you might call etherealized. Our bodies were refined to a pure channel for the stream of light now being transmitted to us.  Our coarse daily diet merely sufficed to maintain life but we came to know that we needed very little food in order to keep our bodies strong, fine, and clean.  We were at all times absorbing the rarefied essence of the true quality of being.  Our auras took on tremendously brilliant colorings, and which such transformation came the ability to translate our consciousness to a place where we could unite with those who were receiving the higher instructions.”  

  –  The Mysterious Story of X7, p. 27


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