Darren Starwynn – Zero Point Meditation

Quantum Healing and the Zero Point

Experience Accelerated Healing and Awakening
Through Crystal Treasure Transmissions

Saturday, September 9, 6 – 8pm
online or live in Sebastopol, CA

with Darren Starwynn, O.M.D

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Darren has been on the path of developing his higher dimensional healing abilities for over 3 decades, and since moving to Mill Valley, CA a few years ago, Darren has gained high level mastery in his art of Quantum Healing.  I (Dan) took Darren’s 4 day Bridge to Mastery training that he recently gave in Marin CA, and I feel that Darren is bringing in very high level teachings and energy.  His success as a healer is quite extraordinary, where miracles and magic seem to occur though he would say that he is just being a conduit between us and our perfected beingness that exists in the Quantum level.  Darren uses humor, activation, and higher level insight to help further us on our path of 5d empowerment.  

What you will experience and take away by attending this event:

  • Learn and practice a simple meditation to take you into the Zero Point of oneness and non-duality – the deepest core of true healing and rejuvenation
  • Learn why so few people were able to effectively manifest their dreams after watching “The Secret” and similar presentations – and why the Zero Point is the missing piece
  • Receive Quantum Healing through Crystal Treasure transmissions – expressions of Divine grace that heal and support your physical body and subtle energy systems
  • Learn what the human Assemblage Point is and why its proper alignment in your body is crucial to mental / emotional health. Learn the position of your Assemblage Point and have the opportunity to have it aligned if needed. (in-person attendees only)
  • Be empowered to start offering Quantum Healing for yourself and others right away!

Bonus Offering for live attendees: Assemblage Point Adjustments

For people who attend the live event in Sebastopol, Darren will be offering to check your Assemblage Point at no cost and if he finds that your Assemblage Point is off, he can provide an adjustment for the reduced fee of $20 (regular fee in his office is over $100).  Darren reports that most people don’t need this adjustment and that this is an opportunity for people, within the safety of our 5d community, to have this checked out.  For more information about Darren’s work with the Assemblage Point Adjustments, go HERE.  This healing process is from the Don Juan lineage of the Carlos Castaneda books, which Darren was able to track down in England a few years ago and is now offering this rare and valuable treatment.  This is an amazing offering that Darren is bringing to our community.  
Darren doing an Assemblage Point Adjustment.
assemblage pic
Assemblage Pt pic

Darren Starwynn, O.M.D. has led hundreds of educational workshops for doctors and patients throughout the world and is the author of three groundbreaking books. He has over 30 years experience as an expert in acupuncture and pain management, and is the inventor of innovative energy medical devices used worldwide.

As a techno-shaman Darren integrates advanced energy technologies with higher dimensional Quantum healing to help his clients release old trauma, pain, and blockages. The ultimate aim of his work is to empower people to discover and actualize their most fulfilling life purpose so they can be an active part of the solution on Earth. He is a gifted channeler, psychic and healer. A lifetime meditator, Darren works locally in Mill Valley, California at the Center for Health and Happiness and also offers remote healing throughout the world.

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