Maureen St. Germain: March 18, 2018

Maureen St. Germain


See HERE for the video of her presentation.

Maureen’s new book, Waking Up In 5d was just recently voted as the number one recommended book by the magazine Retailing Insight Trade Magazine.  Congrats, Maureen!

Maureen talked about many things that were fascinating.  She spoke of Ascension as

“What I believe is that ascension is really a new kind of experience that is related to Easterkind, where we take on our luminous bodies and we are able to do things we are not able to do in 3d.  What I did not know but I know now, we are already shifting to 5d and there are lots of proof of this all around us.  I was surprised because I was not seeking it.  5d is like nested dolls, we are nested where 5d is able to experience 3d but 3d is not able to experience 5d.”

She presented this higher dimensional unity consciousness as something that is not just some massive sudden shift but is something that can bleed into our daily lives, even if we are not aware of it, such as in synchronicities.  She has a 6 week protocol that helps us to come into a more fluid relationship with our higher self, a protocol that is found in her books.

She also talked about how men can show up for this age of the Divine Feminine.  She told a fascinating story of going to South of France where she led a tour which she did with the help of a woman who claimed direct descendency from Mary Magdalene.  They did a ritual in a Magdalene cave where the woman shifted out of being just “supporters” of what men were doing and stepped strongly into their own sovereign power.  The men also stood strongly in their connection with divine energy and this dynamic, the energy that is created when both men and woman, the masculine and feminine, are rooted in their own spiritual power, amazing things can happen.

Her meditation of connecting the Light of the Central Sun and our Divine Self into our heart, is not to be missed.


Waking 5d

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