5d Village with Meg Benedicte 1/21/18

Meg Benedicte
HERE is the link to the video recording of Meg‘s presentation. This includes Meg‘s talk with some questions and direction from the 5d Village host, Daniel Morse. The video includes a more in-depth analysis of Meg‘s Quantum Vortex meditation and then we had some Q & A from participants.

HERE is Meg‘s Website.

Review of Meg’s Presentation
Meg gave a exquisitely powerful presentation at this past Sunday’s 5d Village gathering, where she gave an whirlwind overview of the BIG picture, of who we were prior to the “intervention”, of what happened to us and who these 4th dimensional non human parasitic beings are that have been messing with us.Meg walked us through a really helpful step by step breakdown of her Quantum Vortex Meditation, which is one of the most evolved tools for helping us unlock from the matrix of control. Meg talked about how, since 2012, the grip that these reptilian-Archonic beings have on us has diminished substantially. We are in an unprecedented period where energy from the Galactic Core-Central Sun is helping to activate our greater potential, where, with conscious intention, we can call in much more easily now, our Great Self, our oversoul, as we work to build our crystalline energy body of Light.
This 5d Village included our first Break-Out groups, both online and at the Sebastopol Temple, where people could share, be witnessed and energize the space with our personal expression of longing for soul liberation. Each voice and energetic is so valuable, whereever each of us is at on this often crazy roller coaster ride of the 5d ascension process.
Thanks soo very much to Meg for sharing her wisdom and love to our group! Please go to Meg‘s Website HERE join her email list where you get regular updates, and get her announcement for her upcoming Jan 31 Leo Lunar Eclipse Global Activation where up to 800 congregate online to participate in these meditations.
We are on the cusp of a major evolutionary upgrade. What a joy and honor it is to be here on the planet at this time. May our Light and Joy shine ever brighter.

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