Review of Karl Mollison, June 11, 2017

A review of the last 5d Village Gathering with Karl Mollison.

Mollison Photo Adj BMSE

Karl Mollison, CH, BCH
founder of Soul Whisperers™ 

Video of Karl’s talk with Q and A is HERE

Floating on the ebb and flow of this transitional period, at times it feels like the wave is cresting with truly extraordinary rushes of ecstasy.  And then there is the lull, or more, being pulled down by the undertow of old conditioning or lower vibrational contraction, where I don’t know how to make it through without drowning.  But listening to Karl Mollison gives me so much hope, such powerful inspiration.  Last Sunday, 6/11/17, a number of us who gathered both in person and online had a chance to step into the invigorating waters of the wisdom of Karl Mollison.  We invite you to view the video, to hear his story, and to gain more clarity on how the world of spirit and of divine spirit work in our lives. (I put on deep background music to help drop in to listening).  Karl spoke with enormous clarity, of our challenge, of being in this highly novel Free Will Zone and about how spirits, or non physical entities, are having a significant drag on our psychic and spiritual health and how this is keeping us from stepping into our true divine potential.  Mostly, Karl touched his finger on the power of our personal and group 5d consciousness, as being one of the most significant trail blazers out of this control Matrix and into new vistas of such incredible human fulfillment. Karl read from words he received from “Prime Creator” (or the highest source consciousness available to Karl at that time…?…) that sent tingles up my spine, with the great honor that seems to be upon us now in this transition, where like an ancient fish, we are setting first fins onto new dimensional shores, with so many “galactics” cheering us on from the etheric bleachers.  But the KEY to his message, is that THEY WILL NOT DO IT FOR US, WE HAVE TO ASK FOR DIVINE ASSISTANCE, in a basic heartfelt way, and use this support to amp up the trajectory of our healing and spiritual unfolding.   Though there is a big challenge in Karl’s message of how difficult it is to step up to the task at hand, still, Karl left us with such profound hope and optimism.  Be sure to review questions that came from the 5d Village attendees later in the video, as each question was so helpful and relevant to this Big Picture presentation.  Thanks so much to Karl and to all who participated for helping to hold the fertile ground into which higher divine energy can grow.

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