Review: May 7 Gathering with Denny Hunt


On Sunday, May 7, the 5d Village gathered round the inner fire to hear 1) updates from the New Life Expo, 2) from Ascension Tracker Denny Hunt and 3) from our live audience who shared from their hearts and souls about what life is like on the edge of this tremendous transition.

Dan Craig Morse shared about William Henry’s presentation on the Light Body, and how it is a core spiritual technology of many world religious traditions, as depicted in sacred art.  He also reviewed David Wilcock’s talk on the Solar Flash and how Voyager I is bringing in information, as published by Nasa in 2009, that “The solar system is passing through an interstellar cloud that physics says should not exist.”  This “Local Fluff”, as it is being called, has an off-the-charts magnetism which is affecting all of our planets as our solar system moves into it.  This may well be the catalyst for the solar “flash” that David outlined has happened in our past, and is referred to also by a number of ancient spiritual and religious traditions.  Dan postulated that the activation of our higher vibrational Rainbow Body is what may well help us handle the intensity of this “solar flash” and to help kick start us into off-the-charts human consciousness and multi-dimensional abilities.  Marguerite Rigogglioso reported on her attendance at the Corey Goode presentation and where she posed questions that had come up for her around how humans are being corralled in ways that are pretty dang insidious.

Denny Hunt Pic

Denny Hunt outlined his story of having come from a science background, and then having struggled with addiction in the face of earth’s base frequency increase (Schumann Resonance).  He became freed from a parasidic entity which thrust him further along this path of tracking people involved in these transitional times.

Denny has interviewed over 70 people on his YouTube Channel, Why Is This True.  His interviews with Karl Mollison, such as THIS ONE where Karl channels an deceased secret space program engineer named Phil Schneider, has caught our attention.  It was so very beautiful that a common feeling seemed to resonate amongst the group who were attending, that it is LOVE that not only guards us against the parasitic life force sucking of the Draco Archons, but, as we enter the 50th anniversary of The Summer of Love, it is Love that is the fuel for the Divine Human Transition.

The 5d Village Open Mic was so rich, with soulful shares from a variety of people who are tromping along this path of Light Body Liberation.

This was our first public 5d Village event.  Thank you so much to all who attended and spoke from your deepest hearts.  Our next one is scheduled of Sunday Eve June 11.  Stay tuned to hear who will be the Keynote speaker and sign up to participate when it posts.

See you there, Villagers!

Dan Craig Morse


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