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5d Village With Laura Eisenhower

See HERE for the 42 minute video of her talk
On Nov. 19, 2017

Choosing Unity Consciousness
Over Programs of Enslavement

Global Alchemist, Laura Magdalene Eisenhower

Laura delivered a powerful, over arching inspiration talk that is quintessential 5d.  Thank you Laura for your insights, wisdoms and encouragement.  There is so much in this video.  Needs to be seen a couple of times to integrate.


5d Village is a non dogmatic, spiritual development support community that seeks to help anchor new paradigm spirituality into our bodies, into our community and into this 3d world.  The fifth dimension is a concept that points to a next level of spiritual evolution as referred to by many pioneers in the new consciousness movement. We dance with the likes of ascension, awakening, reclaiming our rainbow light body, Sophia Shekinah and the deep Christ, galactic creation cosmology, disclosure and much more.  We honor how the transition is moving through your life in a beautiful, sometimes gritty and unique way.  Come add your voice, your vibration and your beauty to the mix.

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